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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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Street Sweeping Taking Place in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia, Feb. 24, 2023 – Street sweeping services have begun in Virginia Beach. A new contract with Sweeping Corporation of America calls for performing seven complete sweep cycles of the city’s streets on an annual basis.

The initial sweeping schedule for all neighborhoods will be updated every week once the contractor begins servicing the residential streets. Street sweeping will occur between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. To increase the effectiveness of this operation, Public Works requests that residents refrain from parking on the street during the week their neighborhood is scheduled to be swept. To view the schedule, visit

The sweeping contract has not been active for about two years due to unforeseen delays in the contractual renewal process. Because of the delay in services, there is quite a bit of accumulated debris in the gutters on many streets. If debris remains after the first pass of the street sweeper, crews will be notified and return for a second pass.

Residents need to be aware that the street sweeping program is not intended to relieve property owners or occupants of real property from their duty to keep abutting streets and sidewalks in a clean and litter-free condition. (Chapter 33, Article I, Section 33.13 in the City of Virginia Beach Code of Ordinance.)

“It’s about more than curb appeal and keeping our streets and gutters clean,” said Phillip Koetter, Public Works Operations supervisor. “Street sweeping is a very effective way to prevent street pollutants from entering our Virginia Beach storm drains, watersheds and beaches.”

About Sweeping Corporation of America

Sweeping Corporation of America is the largest professional, self-performing power sweeping and jet-vac service company in the United States with over 70 strategic locations, covering 21 states, over 2,000 professional employees, and a truck fleet of 2,350 vehicles. For more information including FAQs, visit

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