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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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Interior Facility Cleaning Solutions

Get the Most From Your Facility

Creating a Positive Environment

SCA’s team is committed to creating a positive environment at your facilities through intensive sweeping of inside and outside spaces. Whether your business uses a manufacturing facility, warehouse or otherwise we’re always prepared for the job at hand.

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Best Practices
Residential Street Sweeper

Did you know that parking lot and street sweeping is a best management practice (BMP), according to the EPA?

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Keeping Employees Safe, Happy, and Productive

A clean facility is important for more than just helping your business pass inspections — it’s also important to your employees. A clean facility shows your employees that you value their safety and health, which in turn allows them to be more productive.

SCA’s thorough interior and exterior facility cleaning services enhances employees’ morale which in turn helps set the course for your facilities to run at a higher efficiency. From dust particles that appear as a result of your daily operations to larger trash and debris that can impact efficiency, our team is prepared and qualified to refresh your facility on your schedule. We’re dedicated to working with you to maintain the areas that will be important for you and your employees.

Why SCA:

  • Over 4,500+ Customers Satisfied Annually
  • 24/7 Flexible Customized Scheduling
  • Assured Vehicle Availability
  • Fast Reliable Response Time
  • Comprehensive Safety Program & OSHA Compliance
  • Unparalleled Operator Experience & Training
  • Guaranteed Service & Customer Satisfaction

Proud to Provide Environmental Sweeping Services to the Following Leading Brands

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America’s Largest Interior Facility Cleaning Company.

SCA provides reliable, cost-effective interior facility cleaning services to customers across the United States. With facilities located across a broad geography, we have the right people, equipment, technology, expertise and infrastructure to get the job done right the first time.

Service Areas
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70 Facilities
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