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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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Milling & Paving Sweeping Solutions

Sweeping Services Before and After Road Construction

Dependable Service You Can Count On

Our highly trained sweeper operators focus on both efficiency and thoroughness keeping up with your crews during every portion of your paving project. As a milling and paving contractor, staying on schedule is vital for every phase of the job. To complete your project within the exact specifications and timeline allowed, you need a committed, competent partner. In the competitive milling and paving business, time is money and SCA is the sweeping contractor you can count on!

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Best Practices
Residential Street Sweeper

Did you know that parking lot and street sweeping is a best management practice (BMP), according to the EPA?

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Time is Money and SCA is On Time, All the Time

SCA assigns its most experienced operators and best performing broom sweepers to paving jobs throughout our extensive service area. All our trucks are equipped with CB radios, so our operators remain in constant communication with your milling crew. Our high dump broom sweepers can keep up with the most demanding milling operations and unload collected rocks, gravel, and debris into any size dump truck, boosting your efficiency. Your goal is our goal – to have safe, debris-free roads that quickly clear inspection. We understand the complexities of sweeping during milling and repaving operations, and you can expect safe, reliable service for both your crew and the motorists with whom we share the road.

Why SCA:

  • Over 400 DOT & Municipal Contracts fulfilled annually
  • Assured vehicle availability and scheduling
  • Fast reliable response time
  • Ease of certified payroll reporting
  • Comprehensive safety program and OSHA compliance
  • Unparalleled operator experience and training
  • Guaranteed service and customer satisfaction
A motorized street sweeper cleaning a street

America's Largest Milling and Paving Cleanup

SCA provides reliable, cost-effective milling and paving sweeping services to customers across the United States. With facilities located across a broad geography, we have the right people, equipment, technology, expertise and infrastructure to get the job done right the first time.

Service Areas
Map of the United States of America
70 Facilities
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