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Government and Municipality

Reduced Costs, Greater Civic Pride, and Regulatory Compliance

Reliable Street Sweeping to Meet Your Needs

SCA provides our highly reliable, cost-effective street sweeping services to cities, counties, and state departments of transportation. Thorough street sweeping is critical to meet the concerns of residents, promote growth in communities, and satisfy regulatory requirements. Street sweeping is considered a proven best management practice for NPDES permit compliance.

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Promoting Happy Communities

Clean streets provide a chain of direct and indirect benefits that help cities, counties, and states grow and develop. Residents are happier and healthier in a cleaner environment, and they’re more likely to give back to an environment that makes it easier for them to live, work, and play.

SCA’s street sweeping services are available 24/7 in order to meet your schedule. Our team uses the latest equipment to clean your roads in a way that will meet the EPA’s stormwater regulations. SCA’s state-of-the-art, mechanical broom sweepers and regenerative air vacuum sweepers remove unsightly refuse and safety hazards alike.

Benefits & Features:

  • Cost reduction
  • Infrastructure to keep vehicles running smoothly
  • Compliance with EPA NPDES stormwater permit regulations
  • Mitigation of flood risk
  • Risk management with the latest safety equipment
  • Environmental pollutant containment
  • Instill civic pride with clean streets
A motorized street sweeper cleaning a street

America’s Largest Street Sweeping Company.

SCA provides reliable, cost-effective street sweeping services to governments and municipalities across the United States. With facilities located across a broad geography, we have the right people, equipment, technology, expertise and infrastructure to get the job done right the first time.

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