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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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Broom - Mechanical Sweepers

SCA provides our highly reliable, cost-effective street sweeping services to cities, counties, and state departments of transportation. Thorough street sweeping is critical to meet the concerns of residents, promote growth in communities, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

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Low Chasis - Garage Parking Lot Regenerative Sweepers

SCA provides comprehensive cleanup and sweeping services to commercial and retail businesses on a regular basis. We understand that first impressions count when a new customer or employee visits your property, so we help you make the best impression possible. Our fleet is available day and night to fit your unique scheduling needs.

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Dump Trucks with Attenuators for Safety

SCA works with paving contractors and road builders to make sure your roadway construction and resurfacing projections are on schedule and on budget. We know that you have a process to follow and a reputation to uphold, so we integrate with your team to meet your established goals.

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Jet-Vac Trucks

SCA partners with manufacturers and industrial facilities to keep locations clean before, during, and after construction. Our team is able to integrate with your established processes to provide sweeping and cleanup solutions that work for your established budget.

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Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Vehicles

SCA supports community growth by keeping communities clean and safe for residents and tenants. We offer 24/7 service to meet the needs and schedule of your community. Our reliable operators have years of experience, so you can trust that your community is in good hands.

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