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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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City of Virginia Beach – Street Sweeping


Sweeping Schedule

Area Swept week of Sept. 18 – Sept. 22, 2023.

White Oaks, Buckner Farms, Windsor Oaks West, Chimney Hills, Green Run, Oak Springs, Pecan Gardens, Lynnhaven Shores, Larkspur Green, Larkspur, Mount Trashmore, Princess Anne Plaza, Pinewood Gardens, Rose Gate, Little Neck Birchwood Garden, Middle Plantation, Lynndale Estates, Hidden Pointe, Lynnhaven Acres, Eastern Park, Chesopeian Colony.

Area Swept week of Sept. 25 – Sept. 29, 2023.

Finish in Little Neck, Lynnhaven Woods, Princess Anne Plaza, Windsor Woods, Windsor Oaks West. Kings Grant, Redwood Farms, Lynnwood, Kings Grant Landing, Thalia, Pembroke Manor, Bay Lake Pines, Powells Point, Bayville Gardens, Bayville Park, Bayville, Witchduck Point, Reed Town, Wishart Cove, Thoroughgood Estates, Thoroughgood, Hermitage, Chesapeake Beach, Kempshire Manor, Kempsville Lakes, Kempsville, Kempsville Heights, Kempsville Gardens, Carolanne Farms, Point O View, Huntington, Arrowhead.

Area Swept week of Oct. 2 – Oct. 6, 2023.

Lake Shores, Lakeview Park, Lake Smith Terrace, Lake Smith Terrace West, Haygood Point, Aragona Villages, Broad Meadows, Cypress Point, Lakeside, Villas at Lake Lawson, Airport Industrial Park, Lawson Forest, L & J Gardens, Amhurst, Lynbrook Landing, Lake Edwards North, Laurel Manor, Weblin Place, Wesleyan Forrest, Lake Edwards West.


The City of Virginia Beach’s Street Sweeping Program

The City of Virginia Beach manages a citywide contract for street sweeping services. The contract plans to sweep 7 complete cycles of the streets on an annual basis.


Street sweeping is an effective way to prevent street pollutants from entering our Virginia Beach storm drains, watersheds, and beaches, while keeping our streets and gutters looking great! Without a street sweeping program, pollutants could enter the storm drain and end up directly at the beach, affecting the quality of our ocean water.


NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC: The street sweepers will be on the City streets primarily between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. In order to increase the effectiveness of the street sweeping operation, Public Works requests the residents of the City to refrain from parking on the street during the week their neighborhood is scheduled to be swept. The anticipated sweeping schedule for the neighborhoods will be updated every week once the contractor begins servicing the residential streets.


The Street Sweeping Program is not intended to relieve property owners or occupants of real property from their explicit duty to keep abutting streets and sidewalks in a clean and litter-free condition. This duty is codified Chapter 33, Article I, Section 33.13 in the City of Virginia Beach Code of Ordinance.


NOTE: Due to a variety of factors, the posted schedule is subject to change. These factors include, but are not limited to, weather and equipment.


QUESTIONS: Please visit the FAQs section below, reach us by phone at: 1 (757) 557-0142, or send an email to We look forward to hearing form you!


1. Who do I contact if I have a concern?Open answer

You can contact the SCA, Virginia Beach Branch at (757) 557-0142, or send an email to

2. What are the parking restrictions for street sweeping?Open answer

There are no parking restrictions, we ask that you remove your vehicle(s) from the street between the hours of 9am-4pm during your scheduled street sweeping period.

3. How fast should street sweepers sweep? Open answer

The speed for a sweeper to pick up a moderate amount of debris is 8-12 mph based on manufacturer’s recommendations. The sweeper may operate outside of this range based on the amount of debris on the street.

4. Why did the street sweeper leave large debris piles behind?Open answer

Our street sweeping machines are intended to collect dirt, sand, and fine material. Large objects can damage our equipment, which is why our operators are instructed to avoid any large debris piles. Residents are encouraged not to leave any debris piles in the roadway or gutter.

5. What are the Dos and Don’ts of Street Sweeping?Open answer

DO :
– Allow extra following distance when driving a vehicle behind a moving street sweeper.
– Use caution when passing a moving street sweeper.
– Remove items from the curb on sweeping days.
– Trim back branches near the street to prevent trees and equipment from damage.
– BICYCLISTS: ride carefully and be aware of sweeping activity near bike lanes.
– DRIVERS: give street sweepers plenty of room and only pass when safe to do so.

– Follow a street sweeper closely. Airborne dust may make visibility difficult. Small rocks may get kicked up by the rotating brooms.
– Rake or blow leaves into the street. Piles can clog gutters and drains and may result in flooding during heavy rains. Sweepers are also not designed to pick up large piles of leaves. (Piles also become road hazards).
– Ignore ‘No Parking’ signs posted for street sweeping days. You’re putting yourself at risk of being ticketed or towed!

6. Should residents rake leaves or lawn trimmings into the street?Open answer

Please be aware that under no circumstances should leaves or lawn trimmings be raked into the street for pick-up by a street sweeper. These machines are not designed to handle bulk leaves and the contractor is instructed to maneuver around raked out leaves.

7. Can I request my street to be swept? Open answer

No. Streets are scheduled on a cycle, set by the city, that SCA must follow.

8. I can see where the sweeper maneuvered around parked cars. Will they return to service the missed areas?Open answer

They will not. There is a schedule posted to ensure that residents have their roads clear. Due to timelines to get the entire city completed there is not time to return

9. Can we call you for dead animal removal?Open answer

No. Please call (757) 385-4444, option 1 to request an animal control officer.

11. Do you clean up after a big storm?Open answer

Only if the city Public Works department requests it.

12. What does a street sweeper do? What does it pick-up?Open answer

A street sweeper is a large vacuum cleaner, similar in function to the vacuum in your home. It will “stir up” debris via forced air, allow fine particles to go airborne, and direct them to a large vacuum head. The sweepers used for Virginia Beach are designed to pick up finer particles and not larger/heavy debris such as rocks or tree limbs. The purpose is two-fold: pleasant looking streets and curbs and to also control contaminants that may enter the storm drains and possibly pollute large bodies of water.

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