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Population: 450,882 Miles of Highway: 164,132

About the City of Virginia Beach’s Street Sweeping Program

The City of Virginia Beach manages a citywide contract for street sweeping services. Street sweeping occurs once per week on all public streets in Virginia Beach.


Street sweeping is an effective way to prevent street pollutants from entering our Virginia Beach storm drains, watersheds, and beaches, while keeping our streets and gutters looking great! Without a street sweeping program, pollutants could enter the storm drain and end up directly at the beach, affecting the quality of our ocean water. For the City’s Street sweeping program to be effective, it is very important that all residents move their cars out of the street on street sweeping day so that the sweeper can sweep the entire street without weaving in between parked cars.



The Public Works Department and the City Council have worked with City staff in restricting parking on certain streets citywide during street sweeping hours based on certain established criteria. Generally, the criteria established by the team and the City Council over time designated that parking restrictions should not be considered if the street sweeper can reach at least fifty (50) percent of the curb on any given street or in any given neighborhood. Streets, where these criteria were not met, have been designated for parking restrictions since incorporation (at various points in time) via City Council Resolution.


In addition, staff continues to address site-specific locations where folks are not moving their cars for the street sweeper (in unrestricted areas) as identified by residents and City staff using the following cost-effective tools:

  • Issuance of outreach/mailers to the neighborhood reminding residents when their street is swept.
  • Including the information on our website for use by our customers in understanding when various streets are swept.
  • Assistance from Police Services with citing stored vehicles exceeding the 72 hour limit on public streets.

Occasionally posting of temporary no parking signs for challenging areas. If you have any concerns with how street sweeping is operating, particularly related to how effectively it is being done on your specific street, please contact the Public Works Department at (—-) — —— or contact Public Works at publicworks@_______________.


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