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Thorough and reliable sweeping is critical for a number of reasons ranging from visual enhancement to safety. The SCA team is dedicated to providing you with our range of sweeping and cleanup services in a cost-effective and efficient way.
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Customer Information

Valuable information to assist you with any questions

Thank you for your business and for visiting our customer information page. You will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below that will hopefully answer the majority of questions you may have.


1. I have requested a quote online – how long will it take for someone to get back to me?Open answer

a. Our response times vary by location however we attempt to respond to all inquiries within 24-48 hours.

2. Does SCA offer same day services? If so, what kind?Open answer

  1. Yes, we do offer same day services in certain locations but it also depends upon the type of service needed and available equipment and man power.
  2. The primary emergency services offered are:
    1. Street sweeping following a major accident/incident
    2. Jet-Vac services to clear a lift station, sanitary sewer drain, or a catch basin that may be blocked/flooded.

3. What is my local operations’ site phone number?Open answer

  1. You are already almost in the right place!
    1. If you go BACK to our main SERVICE AREAS page at, at the top of the page just above the map, you will see a line of text that is bold and states, “To contact a local operations team, please click here.”
    2. Click on the link and a PDF will launch that you can quickly search by state and then location to obtain the local phone number.


4. I just learned that my sweeping company was just acquired by SCA – where can I go to get updated information?Open answer

  1. Your best source is to visit the legacy company’s website or social media for basic info.
  2. You can also visit our local page for your legacy company and in the upper right hand corner we have included your local sales representative. You are welcome to contact them directly.
  3. To read the news release about the acquisition, please visit our NEWS page here.

5. I am a customer and have a billing issue – who can I speak to assist me with resolving it?Open answer

  1. Please speak with your local regional sales manager or your local district manager that already knows your account.
  2. If you are unable to reach this individual, please contact our Billing – Accounts Receivable department at our Field Service Office at 216-777-2750.

6. Why did I receive a price increase?Open answer

  1. Sweeping Corp. of America (SCA) is dedicated to providing our customers with safe and dependable power sweeping services at a reasonable price and we do periodically need to increase our rates.

7. What are commonly used inflation indices?Open answer

  1. Consumer Price Index
    1. Per, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. The CPI has many different intricacy as the CPI is not just one product, one category, or one season. It important to understand exactly what CPI category your commercial trash hauler is using to adjust your rates. Most people don’t understand the various depths and nuances associated with CPI tracking and it takes an experienced auditor to unravel the details and common mistakes.
  2. Historical Consumer Price Index
    1. Historical Consumer Price Index is an all-in-one CPI intended to give you an overall historical feel for market conditions. Located on Page 75, of the 2016 report at , you will see a great summary of the CPI for all urban consumers and all items since the early 1900’s. The average CPI increase, per year, since 2010 has been 1.6%.
  3. Why does the Bureau of Labor (BLS) Statistics track a CPI-U and a CPI-W?
    1. The BLS CPI currently tracks the spending patterns of two groups: all urban consumers (CPI-U) and urban wage earners and clerical workers (CPI-W). For 60 plus years, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracked the buying habits of only one population group, then they made several changes to the CPI, one of which included broadening the population base.

Source: Sav-On Waste Solutions

8. Is the price increase the same as the variable energy charge (VEC)?Open answer

  1. No, this price increase is different than the variable energy charge (VEC) which specifically covers fuel costs

9. What is a VEC on my invoice?Open answer

  1. A VEC is our variable energy charge and we have built a simple web page to help answer any questions you may have about it. Please click here to view it.

10. What is my sweep schedule?Open answer

  1. Your local operations team can provide you with your sweep schedule – to confirm your local operations team number, please follow the simple steps below.
    1. If you go to our main SERVICE AREAS page at, at the top of the page just above the map, you will see a line of text that is bold and states, “To contact a local operations team, please click here.”
    2. Click on the link and a PDF will launch that you can quickly search by state and then location to obtain the local phone number.

If the FAQs above didn’t answer your specific questions, please complete the short form below and one of our district sales managers, or a local operations team member will follow up with you.

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  • Field Service Office
  • 4141 Rockside Road, Suite 100, Cleveland, OH 44131
  • 216-777-2750
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